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My Story!

Hello, my name is Christy Love. I was raised on a small farm in a small town in South Carolina. My passion for animals began at a very early age, as we raised cattle, hogs, chickens. As pets we had seven dogs, two cats, two turtles and my mother had a few birds. I was the main feeder and helper for my dad when it came to taking care of the animals. The unconditional love and loyalty they give deserves admiration. As I grew older I realized I had two great passions, fashion and animals. So I decided to combine my love of the two to help all the animals that can't help themselves. As of now the proceeds go towards donations to various local shelters and feeding, sheltering and providing medical attention to homeless animals as a foster mom and a full-time mom of 8 little ones of my own. I have Goliath (American Shorthair), Baby (Bombay) Milo (Chihuahua & Dachshund mix) Daisy (Chihuahua & Dutch pointer mix), Junior (Tabby American shorthair), Leia (Tabby American shorthair) and Versace (Tabby American shorthair) and Michelangelo and April (Red Ear Slider Turtles) all rescues. My dream is to eventually build a majestic animal sanctuary in South Florida. Thank you for taking time to learn more about me and visiting Christy Love.